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About Us

OpenFlix provides a directory of movies commonly thought to be in the public domain, related resources, and a discussion forum. In addition, OpenFlix works with copyright holders who wish to gain widespread distribution of their works through the Internet. Owners of feature-length films and shorts can contact OpenFlix to find out how we can increase the exposure of their works on the Internet.

OpenFlix and OpenFlix site visitors may contribute opinions concerning the copyright status of individual movies. However, visitors are cautioned that these are only individual opinions and not legal judgments. All site visitors must read and agree to OpenFlix Terms of Service prior to using this site.

OpenFlix believes that the free flow of information is of vital importance in keeping society vibrant, informed and entertained. We also believe that authorship confers rights on the author to his or her work that should be respected. These twin, sometimes competing beliefs, led us to create OpenFlix.

By spreading information on copyright status, OpenFlix both improves the protection of copyright holders to their works and improves everyone's access to works in the public domain.

The founders of OpenFlix have had a lifetime fascination and appreciation of film and have tried to create an online community for like-minded people to research, discuss and enjoy freely available films and other moving images.