Africa Screams

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Africa Screams


English   Country: USA   Year: 1949

Africa Screams

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Charles Barton


Bud Abbott; Lou Costello




Basic crazy Abbott and Costello movie that also features a couple of the three stooges. Black & White.


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User Reviews


(Average=4.00 out of 5; Total Number=4)

One Act That Doen't Stand Test Of Time (rating=2)

I rented this mainly for my 5- and 3-year olds, who were predictably amused, though they volunteered that Abbott&Costello aren't as good as the Marx Brothers. That's putting it mildly.

I also wanted to see if they were as entertaining as I remembered them from my childhood: They aren't. I can only suppose they were an innovative act in their heyday in the '40s, when they were the biggest grossing movie comedians, but -- what can I say? -- they fail the proverbial test of time. They were fated to Trotsky's ash heap of history -- or, in this case, comedic history -- along with Eddie Cantor, Ma&Pa Kettle, Martin&Lewis, and, hopefully before long, Adam Sandler.

There's a saving grace or two, though, in this movie: One of the Three Stooges, Shemp Howard, has the best bit as a Mr. Magoo-like big game hunter, while a future Stooge, Joe Besser, who, eerily, would one day replace the deceased Howard, does his usual turn as a ludicrous sissy. If only this Abbott&Costello feature had a tenth of the classic qualities of those Three Stooges shorts that contemporaneously got so little respect!

Classic Abbott&Costello! (rating=5)

Being born in Paterson NJ, I guess maybe I'm a little privy to the whole Abbott&Costello thing. I remember when channel 11 was it's WB11....but every Sunday morning; at 11:30AM, they'd run an Abbott&Costello film(they did this for years)and Africa Screams was one of our favorites.

Why? Well, it was classic Bud&Lou all the way. Picture Lou finding a trail of diamonds.....calling on Bud to help him carry ALL HIS MONEY! I'M GOING TO BUY POLO PONIES...OFFICE BUILDINGS!!!

I forget the name of the guy who plays Gunner, but you'll recognize him instantly as well........YOU GOTTA BUY THIS!!!!!!

Would You Trade Lou Costello For A Bunch Of Diamonds? (rating=4)

Diane Emerson (Hillary Brooke) is looking for a copy of the book "Dark Safari" by the famous explorer Cuddleford in the book department of Klopper's Department store. When Buzz Johnson (Abbott) hears Diane will pay $2,500 for a map that is in the book, he passes off Stanley Livingston (Costello) as a great explorer, who had accompanied Cuddleford to Africa. Stanley says he can reproduce the map, but when Buzz overhears Diane offer Clyde Beatty $20,000 to lead an expedition to Africa, he knows there is much more money to be made. So the boys take Diane and her henchmen to Africa, where they set out to locate the Ubangi tribe, which has a fortune in uncut diamonds. Eventually the group stumbles on the Ubangi and find out the cannibals are willing to trade the diamonds for Stanley.

The best comedy routines in "Africa Screams" involves Costello and animals, whether it is Abbott dressed up in a lion skin so "Stanley" can prove what a great hunter he is or being rescued by a gorilla. But my favorite scene is when Buzz thinks Stanley is dead and does not notice that his "dead" friend is commiserating with him over his regrets for having treated Stanley so badly. "Africa Screams" is one of the funnier Abbott&Costello films from this period, playing to Costello's strength in pantomime. This 1949 film was directed by Charles T. Barton and features not only the famous hunters Clyde Beatty and Frank Buck, but Shemp Howard of the Three Stooges as Gunner, the near-sighted gunman employed by Diane, and former World Heavyweight Champion Max Baer and his "little" brother Buddy as Grappler McCoy and Boots Wilson, her two goons.