Attack Of The Giant Leeches

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Attack of the Giant Leeches


English   Country: USA   Year: 1959

Attack of the Giant Leeches


Bernard L. Kowalski





Leeches suck blood. Giant leeches suck lots of blood. A Rodger Corman production. Black & White.

There is a Mystery science theater 3000 version that has copyright material (PA-575-362)


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User Reviews


(Average=3.17 out of 5; Total Number=6)

Faux-Corman Masterpiece. (rating=4)

Yvette Vickers and her tube of lotion make this a must-have.

Black And White Fun! (rating=4)

It is silly and incredibly tacky but this is a truly fun 50s drive in flick. A beautiful damsel, silly music, terrible acting and very silly montsters ... but if y ou like campy movies, don't miss this!! No true violence or foul language, it is safe fun for everyone! Keep the lights on, tho there are some genuinely scary parts if you let yourself get into it! For fans of drive in movies only. Great fun!

Leeches, Chills, And Chortles! (rating=3)

Fans of fifties creature features should enjoy this smarmy swamp saga about vampirish predators that keep captives in caves to suffer lingering, sucked-dry deaths. The monsters are fearsomely fun, the hero hairy-chested and handsome, the leading lady clingy and lovely, and the leading non-lady cleavaged and vampily luscious. The scripting is tolerably sensible, and the acting and direction are above average for this sort of cinema. In its day, this movie's gruesome mutants and waterborne dead bodies would have seemed more grisly than gleeful. But today, both adjectives can be applied in abundance!


It's hard to say whether this is a low-rent Southern Gothic melodrama or a monster movie; it seems that director Bernard Kowalski couldn't make up his mind which genre to pursue. A local poacher turns up in the swamp half-dead with sucker marks all over his body. Soon after, a fat slob bartender (Corman regular Bruno VeSota) finds his hottie of a wife making out with her boyfriend and forces them into the swamp at gunpoint. From there, the two become a leech snack. When more people disappear in the bayou, the local game warden and resident scientist (isn't there always one, regardless of how remote the place is?) take it seriously and discover the monstrous bloodsuckers. Despite the grade-Z trappings of this movie, threadbare plot, and ludicrous monsters, there are still some chilling and effective moments, such as the scene where doomed victims of the leeches are left to watch in horror as their attackers approach in their lair. The mutated leeches are a result of radiation (but of course). At a scant 62-minute running time, this is some prime drive-in trash, and it's over with before you even have a chance to get sick of it.--Jerry Renshaw