Bad Man Of Deadwood

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Bad Man Of Deadwood


English   Country: USA   Year: 1941

Bad Man Of Deadwood


Joseph Kane


Roy Rodgers




A sharpshooter helps a sheriff clean up the town by travelling with a undercover with a medicine show. Black & White.


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User Reviews


(Average=2.00 out of 5; Total Number=2)


Don't waste your money on this piece of garbage. This is a DVD made from a VHS transfer, made from a VHS transfer. The picture quality is so bad it gave me a headache after just 15 minutes of watching fuzzy images and dark scenes. And the sound is even worse. I have no idea why companies like this who spend money making attractive box covers and disc lables can have no regard for the quality of the movie they are transferring. There is no excuse....if they worked with a decent 16 MM print there is no way it could be this bad. This company has bought a bad VHS tape and made a copy from that bad tape to offer an even worse quality copy.

Durn-tootin' Saturday Matinee Fun. (rating=3)

Sturdy Republic Western that emphasizes action over music. The Sons of the Pioneers are nowhere in sight. Roy Rogers is a reformed gunfighter working for Gabby Hayes' snake oil medicine show. In Deadwood, the members of the civic league are in cahoots with a gang of killers. This includes the sheriff and the newspaper editor, who has been waging a bogus war against crime on the editorial page. Villains abound. The honest townspeople enlist Roy's help, and the stage is set for excitement. This B Western is true to its budget restraints. The running time of 53 minutes is a virtue that doesn't let the plot go awry. With the bad guys posing as good citizens and the good guys reduced to social castoffs, the story requires close attention to keep the players straight. Even RR initially wears a black hat. The conflict of warring factions builds to a climactic shoot-out of Hopalong Cassidy proportions. This film is an entertaining blend of Western action and light humor. We are happy to report there is more shootin' and ridin' than in most of RR's later Western musicals. Nobody made Westerns as Republic. ;-)