Born To The West

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Born to the West


English   Country: USA   Year: 1937

Born to the West


Charles Barton


John Wayne; Marsha Hunt




A cowboy quits drifting and becomes entangled with the locals. Black & White.


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User Reviews


(Average=4.00 out of 5; Total Number=3)

A Glance At "HELLTOWN" (rating=4)

This "B" western has a solid, well moving plot that peaks in a rescue showdown in the best tradition of these movies.Supporting cast members include able performers such as Monte Blue and James Craig.The film is also bolstered by the undercurrent of mild conflict between John Wayne and Johnny Mack Brown who must learn to respect each other in order to prevail against cattle rustlers and crooked gamblers.Cinematography and musical score are above average.Perhaps Wayne's best "B" western, and then there are Syd Saylor and Marsha Hunt in vital roles.

Good Movie, Even Without Alan Ladd! (rating=3)

Don't be fooled by video box blurbs or other references--Alan Ladd is NOT in this movie. His name was mistakenly listed in the cast through a clerical error in publicity material and this started the inaccurate use of his name in connection with the movie. Some video distributors have tried to make it look like Ladd co-starred in the movie, by playing up his name on the box. But don't strain your eyes looking for him. He's not in it. It's a fast-paced, fun B-Western, though, and John Wayne ought to be enough for any Western fan.

Great 1930's Western! (rating=5)

This is John Wayne's best film up to the time it was released. Great acting by the Duke. Charles Barton was wounderful directing this movie. I think any John Wayne fan will love it!