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English   Country: USA   Year: 1949


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Arthur Lubin


Brian Donlevy; Ella Raines


Film Noir


A two timing wife and her lover conspire to kill her husband. Plans go awry and the lover gets killed and the husband leaves town. Black & White.

Based on a story by Jay Dratler of unknown copyright.


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User Reviews


(Average=3.00 out of 5; Total Number=3)

Pretty Entertaining (rating=3)

Totally implausible film noir but complex&entertaining nonetheless. Bear in mind its a Wade Williams release which ain't exactly Criterion. Picture quality is good; sound is so-so. The 4-star, rave review on the box is written by....Wade Williams.

Starts Out 40s Noir, Ends Up 30s Melodrama (rating=2)

Impact shows great promise in its first half, when industrialist Brian Donleavy's wife (Helen Walker -- the psychologist in Nightmare Alley) gets up to some homicidal duplicity. It's hard-core noir all the way, especially when push comes to shove on a dangerous mountain road. But then Donleavy ends up in Larkspur, Idaho, apparently suffering from amnesia, and falls for a girl mechanic. From here on in the tone grows sentimental and "women's-picture"-ish. When the climax comes, everybody seems suddenly to start behaving like imbeciles. There's enjoyable moments in Impact, but it's too compromised to be vintage noir.

Watch This Film And You Won't Be Sorry! (rating=4)

Impact has a very simple plot Walter Williams is marked for death by his cheating wife but when the plans go wrong and Williams is alive the film plays a great game of catchup! Donlevy is the star of the flick and he does more to draw you into the flick than dialogue ever could. He may not be tall but he has an imposing facing! His eyes and strong facial structure is a sight to see! I have to say that the film could have been shorter but in doing this some amazing cinematography would have been lost the image of a prisoned Willams (Donlevey) looking through a gate at his future love is amazing and the scene where his lover chases a woman who is crucial in freeing Williams of a crime through the narrow streets and shadows of chinatown is perfection. Impact may not be perfect but is is a very atmospheric and engaging ride non the least!