Painted Hills, The

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Painted Hills, The


English   Country: USA   Year: 1951

Painted Hills, The

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Harold F. Kress



Children & Family


A Lassie movie that involves a gold prospector.

Based on the 1930 novel Shep of the Painted Hills by Alexander Hull of unknown copyright.


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User Reviews


(Average=3.67 out of 5; Total Number=6)

Fun Movie, GREAT Transfer By Roan Group (rating=5)

Why they do it, I don't know....but Amazon has reviews for different transfers of this movie combined. I have the Roan Group transfer, and let me say, it is a beautiful transfer. I can't imagine any of the major studios doing a better job.

This is a great movie to have, as Lassie's last movie before hitting the small screen. But it is more than just a typical "Lassie" is truly suspenseful and quite a pleasure to view.

Definitely a great addition to any DVD collection, especially anyone who enjoys westerns or animal movies!

Enjoyable Lassie Flick, Despite Marginal Video Quality (rating=2)

Magnificent scenery, reminds me of my vacations out west with my parents, when I was young. The video is of extremely poor quality, though. Could be very distracting during certain parts of the movie. If you are sensitive to video quality issues, you won't like it. Otherwise, enjoy!

Worst Transfer I've Ever Seen! (rating=1)

Just shows that you can't trust anyone anymore! Not in the land of DVD, anyway. Based on my positive experience with Goodtimes' superior transfer of "Angel and the Badman," I went with Goodtimes for their version of this nice old Lassie flick.

At first, all looked well -- the title screen and the chapter preview pages are sharp and colorful. Imagine my shock when I selected "play movie" and a murky, ghost ridden, dirt speckled image darkened my screen! This is absolutely the worst DVD transfer I have ever seen. Looks something like an old 8mm print projected on a bed sheet and transfered to video with a VHS-C camcorder!

Three additional things: First, I had to wait 3 months for it to arrive. Second, a tiny blurb on the rear of its el cheapo keep case reads: "Discs replicated in Hong Kong or Taiwan" (I'm not sure this means anything quality wise). And three, there is a disclaimer in the opening titles that reads, "Transfered from the best available material."

Bull tangy! There is a beautiful VHS version of this film that was put out a few years ago -- colorful and sharp! When VHS looks worlds better than DVD, something is very wrong! Admittedly, the price of this Goodtimes offering is low -- $ you think maybe consumers are supposed to swallow an unwatchable mess like this just because it only put them out $... plus postage?

The message very clearly is this: Steer clear of cheap DVDs, just as you would very wisely steer clear of cheap VHS movies, which are usually recorded in EP mode. The penalty in DVD land for low price seems to be that quality is extremely variable and unreliable. Sometimes the DVD will be okay, but often the quality will be just good enough to toss into the trash.

In fact, that's what will happen to this DVD of "The Painted Hills." I've opened it, so I can't send it back. It's so awful, I can't sell it on eBay or give it to anyone. The only thing left to do is to give it to the trash man (without his knowing it).

A total waste of money! But a lesson well learned.

BTW, sorry to have to give this "dog" one star. There really should be a BOMB option.