Prelude To War

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Prelude to War


English   Country: USA   Year: 1945

Prelude to War


Frank Capra


Robert Anderson




The official US Government documentary defining the enemies faced in WWII. Black & White.


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User Reviews


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Well Done! (rating=5)

I've found it's hard to review such a piece without turning Amazon into my own private forum.

This is a thought provoking piece. Especially knowing what we know now. I learned a couple historical facts that I never knew and gained further understanding about the atmosphere at the time of WWII. After viewing this I found myself talking about it with family and friends, opening the door for dibate on issues of involvement and non-involvement. At what point should you go to war? How far can you dibate an issue before it's too late? The thought process is almost dizzying. This film gives a possible view of what might have happened should action not have been taken. I highly recommend this as both a learning source and also as something to provoke you into thought.

I also want to bring to attention that this is 2 out of ? number of films by Frank Capra. This is also sold as a set that includes all of the collection. These two films have left me hungry to see the rest of his work. I myself will probably end up buying the collection and wanted to recommend you make the same consideration.

This Movie Will Make You Want To Kill Nazis. (rating=5)

The heck with _Triumph of the Will_, Capra's got the Nazis beat! The whole cavalcade of human suffering during the war, the "gangsterism" of the Facists, even the racist stereotyping of the Japanese are woven together to create a moving, inspirational, and compeling history of World War II before the US got into the fight. This is both great entertainment and important primary historical documentation. No wonder they still show it on TV. Watch with your family, your children, and don't forget to bring some tissues.

Well Done! (rating=5)

As a german blooded american (three generations removed), I'm constanly in search for understanding. As I've visited german websites I've become increasingly irratated by the anit-american views.* I believe america is a county of good intention, not that our intentions always work out well but, we try. I would never wish another Vietnam tragedy.

Is there a time to fight? Do you believe in shunning? Do you take a non-partisan view? In our current situation we should be all asking ourselves these questions. Imagine a world without diplomacy... What a crazy place that would be. But, what do you do when diplomacy fails? What do you do if there isn't a cop on the beat to intervene?

This film gives an idea of what might have happened. With this in mind I applaud the English, Australians, New Zealanders and Indians for stepping up to the plate and getting involved as quickly as they did.

This film is great food for thought and I question whether it shouldn't be required viewing in schools.

For those in search of german pride, I highly recommend "The Rommel Papers". You will read a tragic story of a true german soldier and a very honorable man. We could have used him on our side.

* The anti-american views were viewed only on a couple websites and in no way implicate that germany as a whole shares such views.