Red House, The

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Red House, The


English   Country: USA   Year: 1947

Red House, The

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Delmer Daves


Edward G. Robinson; Lon McCallister; Judith Anderson; Rory Calhoun


Film NoirMystery


The mysterious Red House sits on the property of Ellen and Pete, who is a crippled farmer. Pete becomes agitiated when his adopted daughter, Meg, and her boyfriend, Nath, take a shortcut and begin exploring too close to the Red House. Black & White.

Based on the 1945 novel by George Agnew Chamberlain of unknown copyright.


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User Reviews


(Average=4.06 out of 5; Total Number=17)

Should Be Restored But... (rating=4)

This review refers to the Alpha Video (Gotham) DVD.

Overall Quality of DVD: ** /**** Sound: *1/2 /**** Plot: *** /**** Acting: ***/**** Cinematography: ***/**** Direction: **1/2 /****

This is not a great film but very eerie, strange, nearly on par with something like "Carnival Of Souls" or "Incubus".

Rory Calhoun and Lon McCallister are solid in their roles. Arlene Roberts is good but does not come close to the sexiness of Julie London. Edward G. Robinson creates the mystery and suspense while his sister (in the film), Judith Anderson (Mrs. Danvers in "REBECCA") enhances and intensifies Robinson's esoteric character.

Granted, the film transfer is quite soft and glowing and the sound hisses throughout, however, it is still quite interesting to view and, due to the digital transfer process, the sound is stabilized.

Until/if a restoration is ever available this is the best we'll see but, in my opinion, is worth the low asking price - if you are expecting the quality of a Criterion Collection DVD you will be disappointed.


Robinson plays a crippled farmer who, after his daughter brings home a suitor, attempts to keep everyone from a mysterious red house located on his property. Madness and murder prevail. Strange film noir about tangled relationships and unsuccessful attempts to bury the horrid past. Even the cast is unusual: Rory Calhoun, Judith Anderson, Ona Munson, Julie London and Lon McCallister!

Brilliant Offbeat Daves Film, Horrible Print For DVD (rating=3)

As with many of Delmer Daves' films, The Red House shows originality, flair, and an intense weaving of landscape, theme, and character (rare among American directors working in the studios). He consistently achieves moments of great subtlety. In addition, Lon McCallister and Allene Roberts deliver striking performances under Daves' sensitive direction. It's no surprise that Scorcese noted this film in his "Personal Journey Through American Movies". Unfortunately, the print of the film used for the DVD is HORRIBLE -- there have to be better prints out there of this film!