Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

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Santa Claus Conquers The Martians


English   Country: USA   Year: 1964

Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

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Nicholas Webster



Children & FamilySci Fi & Fantasy


The Martians are worried that their children do not know how to have fun. There solution is to kidnap Santa and two earth children.

There are a couple of Mystery Science Theater versions that are copyright protected.


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User Reviews


(Average=3.03 out of 5; Total Number=33)

Come Ain't THAT Bad! (rating=3)

Maybe I'm nuts, (some would not argue, including my wife) but I like this movie. It's one of those flicks that looks like you could make it yourself. Santa, played by John Call, looks very convincing as a Santa, but that manical laugh,(you've got to hear it). Sounds like Santa's a little deranged. Pia Zadora is cute as a little martian. It's hard to believe grown adults would wear those goofy martian helmets(they had to starving). But this is a fun movie. That bouncy theme song; Voldar the nasty martian; and, if I'm not mistaken, Stobo the martian has a striking resemblence to Jamie Farr. The final credits say Al Nesor, but I believe that was an alias acting name for Mr. Farr back then. No wonder he changed his name for the movie. See this movie with your kids, it's harmless, there is no nudity; and the violence, what little there is, is hysterical! If you like movies like Robot Monster, Plan 9 from outer space, and EEGAH! like I do, then this movie is for you.

Too Bad Not To Be A Classic... (rating=5)

This is so bad, it is hilarious. Great fun to watch with your will roar with laughter over the costumes, the acting, and the script. It's become a cult classic for this reason, sybolizing the great "B" movie genre. For this can't loose.

Camp! (rating=4)

I won't expound on the story since everyone else already has. It is pure CAMP! Don't expect more. (I bet you didn't know that Martians read and write in English too. They even label some equipment in their ship as "radar box"!) Either you liked it as a child or not. Keep in mind it was made back in 1964. (I bet most of the reviewers on this page weren't alive then.)

I will just talk about the quality of the DVD. It is not great...just okay. It has all of the blemishes that you see on the film when broadcast on t.v.. Even the beginning song is missing a few frames at the start.

Don't get me wrong. It's not as bad as "The Red Balloon" DVD (nothing is! not even "Meet The Feebles"). Just don't pay top dollar for it. Look for a bargin.