Scared To Death

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Scared to Death


English   Country: USA   Year: 1947

Scared to Death

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Christy Cabanne


Bela Lugosi




A dead women in the morgue tells the story of her death.


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User Reviews


(Average=3.50 out of 5; Total Number=2)

GOODY MOODY (rating=4)

This is a lovely horror flick - the emphasis on the word "lovely". Never even occasionally scary, it feels like reading an old Mickey Mouse in a Haunted Castle comic. At moments the film gets really hypnotic for some weird reason, and even though it's rather laughable, it's quite memorable. Mind you, this is one of the very few old horror movies in color (the others being "Mystery of the wax museum", "Doctor X" and "Dr.Cyclops" - I hope I got the names right). Moody and stylish late night play. My DVD (not sure if it is the same as advertised here since the cover art doesn't show) has quite good picture quality.

Not As Bad As They Say! (rating=3)

This is one of those movies you look AT! It is not the slightest bit scary. The script is kinda wacky at times but it's great to see George Zucco and Bela Kugosi strutt their stuff in Bela's only color movie. Some great(?) lines: "Do not treat Igo with respect.... it only offends him!" are worthy of Ed Wood. Basically the story is a about a woman who is scared to death and her corpse, lying in a mortuary slab, tells us of the events leading up to her demise. The el cheapo Alpha dvd has a reasonable print... no splices and only occassional dirt and scratches. I was surprised.