Teenagers From Outer Space

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Teenagers From Outer Space


English   Country: USA   Year: 1959

Teenagers From Outer Space


Tom Graeff



Sci Fi & Fantasy


An alien teenager flees his own society to warn Earth of its impending doom. Black & White.


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User Reviews


(Average=4.00 out of 5; Total Number=15)

So Bad, It's Brilliant! (rating=5)

This has to be once of the worst movies ever made. As a drama, it's a complete failure, but it succeeds quite well as an unintentional comedy. With bad acting and horrible production values, it's a real stinker, but it is just so consistently bad that you'll find yourself laughing the entire ninety minutes. Get a copy of this classic and enjoy it with some friends.

Incredibly Idiotic And Incredibly Funny! (rating=1)

Don't let the rating fool you. This may be one of the worst movies ever made, but it is also, unquestionably, one of the funniest! In this ridiculous sci-fi horror flick, everything about is atrocious: the script, the acting, not to mention the special effects. Who could forget the film's "monster" being nothing more than a siloutte of a lobster! One of my favorite effects are the flesh tearing ray guns the aliens use and leave nothing but the victim's skeleton (in one scene the editing is so bad that you can actually see the metal screws holding the prop together!) Fans of "Plan 9 From Outer Space", "Attack of the 50 Foot Tall Woman", "Eegah", and "The Creeping Terror" will get a kick out of this film. It is a staple at "All Time Worst Movies" conventions. Don't hesitate to rent this one. It is a riot!

So Bad That It's Good! (rating=2)

To other aging baby-boomers out there, this trifle may stir memories of Saturday afternoons at the local picture-show (circa 1959). The most laughable aspect of this movie is the lobster that keeps growing until it becomes a giant shadow of a lobster. We aren't even speaking of a Japanese guy in a rubber monster-suit here. The plot is simplistic and hokey. Earth is invaded by aliens seeking grazing lands for their herds of space cattle, which bear an uncanny resemblance to earth-bound lobsters. There is the obligatory ray-guns and guys running around in cheesy looking space-suits. A dishy looking blonde woman in a swimming pool gets zapped by a ray-gun and turned into a skeleton. There's some low-budget special effects from the 1950s showing plastic and cardboard spaceships. If one considers the corny dialogue, the bad acting, and the general low-budget look, the whole movie can be taken as fun in a low-brow sort of way. This film remains on my personal list of the all-time "so bad it's good" kind of movie. Proceed at you own risk. And remember, everybody watch the skies!


In this pulp science-fiction film, a flying saucer full of aliens of a "Superior Race" lands on Earth, searching for grazing grounds for their Gargon cattle. One of the aliens uses a ray gun to kill a curious dog ("They blast the flesh off humans!"). Rebellious Derek inspects Sparky's dog tag and realizes that civilized beings inhabit the planet. He begs his companions to consider the rights of the people of Earth, but the other crewmen turn on him. They leave one of the lobster-like Gargon chained inside of a cave, make responsible Thor hunt down the escaping Derek, and return to their home planet to fetch herds of Gargon.

While Derek befriends Betty, Gramps, and Joe in the nearest suburban utopia, Thor's relentless manhunt results in numerous blasted skeletons and abductions. The fun really gets going when the now gigantic Gargon escapes its chains and goes on a murderous rampage. Spunky Betty begins a romance with Derek, who promises to make Earth his home. Reporter Joe is hot on the trail of the double-murder story that grows into something really big.Teenagers from Outer Space sports primitive special effects and almost-bad acting, but really they just add to the angsty fun of this 1959 flick.