Too Late For Tears

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Too Late for Tears


English   Country: USA   Year: 1949

Too Late for Tears

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Byron Haskin


Lizabeth Scott; Don DeFore; Dan Duryea


Film Noir


A satchel of money litteraly falls into the backseat of a young couple's car. When they decide to keep it, they run into trouble as the bad guy tracks them down. Black & White.


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User Reviews


(Average=3.50 out of 5; Total Number=4)

Great Film Noir - Terrible DVD Transfer (rating=4)

David Forehand's review is perfectly stated, and I cannot add anything more to it, other than I would give this film only 4 stars due to the terrible quality of the DVD transfer. The copy I watched is produced by Alpha Video Recorders, and is the very worst I have seen.

But the film noir is terrific, and I am glad to have been able to see it, even though the transfer is so bad. If this is the only way we can get this 1949 classic, then it is worth the low cost of the film.

Too Late? (rating=3)

This film SOUNDS like a good noir but is weak all round. Definitely NOT a classic or even close.

I like Lizabeth Scott but I believe (after purchasing and viewing this DVD from Alpha-Video) that she needs a firm hand in direction.
The director, Byron Haskin was mostly known for Special Effects although he directed "War Of The Worlds", and did a good job, but most of his other films he directed are forgettable.
The rear panel credits him as "responsible for such classics as" "Arsenic And Old Lace", "Passage To Marseilles"&"They Drive By Night" for which he performed ONLY Special Effects.

If you like Lizabeth Scott I would recommend "Dead Reckoning" and "The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers".

I don't expect the greatest from Alpha-Video ( because they transfer whatever they can get their hands on from Public Domain. Sometimes, as with "The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers", you get an "A" film with fairly good visual and sound quality overall, and sometimes you get barely acceptable. If you're expecting a hidden gem such as Edgar Ulmer's "Detour", you may be disappointed.

Quality of DVD: *1/2/**** Sound: *1/2/**** Plot: ***/**** Acting: **/**** Direction: */****

I would not recommend this film too much.

"I Say Let's Kill 'em With Style!" (rating=4)

This film noir classic from 1949 has a very well-crafted plot. Lizabeth Scott&Arthur Kennedy play a married couple who have a bag filled with $60,000 thrown into their car by mistake! Lizabeth Scott wants to keep the money, but her husband wants to do the right thing&turn the money over to the cops. When the owner of the money (Dan Duryea) comes to collect she decides to get rid of her self-righteous hubby&split the money with Duryea! From then on, the tension builds as people become suspicious of Lizabeth Scott, who turns out to be much deadlier than Duryea figured. This little-known gem is highly recommended for film noir buffs. However, I want to warn you that although the movie is great, the transfer is not. There's some "jumpy" scenes, plenty of scratches visible,&the image quality is never totally clear. The sound quality isn't so hot either,&at times you can't even hear all they're saying! Considering the low cost of the dvd, these flaws are forgivable, but I'd love to see this great classic restored to its original glory.