Winds Of The Wasteland

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Winds of the Wasteland


English   Country: USA   Year: 1936

Winds of the Wasteland


Mack V. Wright


John Wayne




Pony Express riders compete with the stagecoach for a governemnt mail contract. Black & White.


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User Reviews


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Good Early DUKE Vehicle... (rating=4)

Just three years or so away from stardom in "Stagecoach", this 1936 movie shows all of the things that made fans love John Wayne.

The story follows John Blair (Wayne), and his pal Larry Adams as they leave the Pony Express when it folds. Given two thoroughbred horses each by the defunct mail service, The DUKE sets his mind to opening up a stage line.

When crooked stage line operator Drake sells them the Crecent City run, it looks like John and Larry have wasted their money. Crecent City went bust after the local gold mine played out, and Drake forced all the business to his city. Too bad Drake didn't know he was tangling with The DUKE!

Blair almost singlehandedly brings the town back to life one piece at a time. The one final step in his plan is a stage line mail contract, and it's the Drake line vs. Blair&Adams in a race to Sacremento. The winner gets the big contract, and Drake is out to stop DUKE by hook or by crook!

There's a pretty good plot in this one, and a surprising amount of humor along with the action. Although clocking in at only 55 minutes, there's a lot of young DUKE action!

A fun ride, "Winds of the Wasteland" on this DVD is a great bargain for the price, and no DUKE fan should miss it.